Tobalai GmbH
International Business & Trade Enterprise in Switzerland. We bring the international brands to local market (Asia-Europe).

Tobalai GmbH

Tobalai GmbH is an export import company, international business trade which collaborates with many different industries in products and services in Asia and Europe, particularly for Furniture (interior & exterior design furniture), stone supplier and apparel clothing brands.
The company is registered in Zürich, Switzerland under The Swiss law. Tobalai GmbH has the Legal form: GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) or Limited liability company. 
Register number: CH- 

Work With Us

Management Team in Switzerland

1. Ida Nurhaeni (Owner Tobalai GmbH), Managing Director Binzlabel45 & Mienero  Clothing Online Stores in Switzerland.

2. Stephan Mörgeli (Owner Tobalai GmbH), Managing Director Stein Klopfer Stone paving Firma in Switzerland.