About Us

We are here. Stephan Mörgeli, native Swiss and Ida Gohla, native Indonesian originate from two different cultures and are active in different areas of work. We are a team in Tobalai GmbH that is keen to be able to act out of joy and attention to detail. We reveal a variety of possibilities that we like to share with our customers. We do not simply sell products. We share passion and joy of living: with quality and first class service for your home and garden.

From the beginning we have specialised in providing stylish, traditional and functional, as well as high-quality Indonesian furniture items for our customers.  Our designs, whether furniture or art objects can also be designed as co-creations. We understand that as a customer, they can bring their individual ideas for material selection and implementation in form and color to their own preferences, which we then can be produced with our network of experts in Indonesia as desired and high quality. We assure you that all your questions will be answered in a discreet and individual way, whether you are looking for a single piece, or want a whole living space to be adapted to your needs. With our support, they will individualise their home and make the home even more memorable and relaxing.

For further information please call us anytime. For co-creations, we like to arrange appointments for you for a design visit. We are looking forward to visiting you.

Stephan Mörgeli
Tel. 041 79 629 65 43

Ida Gohla
Tel. 041 79 598 31 08